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Connecting people to their community via the written word.


I cultivate this connection by creating and teaching about beautiful letters and calligraphy to inspire pause and a personal, purposeful pace in a digital world.



I write a variety of letters. Personally, I hand-calligraph an average of 10 letters a week, often many, many more. I calligraph letters for many other people as well. My letters set businesses apart from their competitors and their customers and clients feel a staunch connection to the businesses. For businesses whose mission in which I believe, I love calligraphing thank you cards to their customers and clients. For non-profit organizations I calligraph the envelopes and the invitation for their fundraising events--the donors and community members who receive these hand-calligraphed envelopes and invitations are given a moment to pause and exist within the space between their donation/support of the organization and the organization itself. They connect more deeply with the mission of the organization and of their support for that mission.

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I am a self-taught calligrapher, I give close attention to detail and the process is as important as the outcome. There is ink on everything and letterforms in a variety of scripts are coveted dearly in my studio. Inspired by the art nouveau and art deco time periods, flourishes in the wild, minimalism, black and white, Japanese calligraphy brushes, the Victorian era and architecture, geometric shapes, interesting fashion, abstract art, and classic copperplate, to which my nib inherently flows, with a unique, deco flare. 


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I am currently working on a book of poems called Bring Your Empty Hands about the space emptiness can embody, the many shapes of soil and how a bone is a prayer.

I wrote my first poem at age six and my love of poetry has given my life a deep connection and meaning beyond myself.

Poetry is a nourishment as rich and humble as water.


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I facilitate calligraphy, poetry, and letter-writing workshops for adults and youth, and have worked extensively with at-risk and inner city adolescents. I am a member of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting, IAMPETH, the oldest and largest penmanship organization, dedicated to practicing and preserving the beautiful arts of calligraphy and fine penmanship. My love of teaching is born of my intuitive connection with people and my ability to reflect the highest potential of my students.

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A letter is the most generous gift you can give. It's time to connect with someone, write a letter today.

The most welcome surprise to a letter-writer is how nourishing it is for the writer. A letter exists in the space between letter-writer and recipient. It is a moment to pause, to connect. Send one for yourself, for your business, or on behalf of someone else!


What I do to 

Enhance Connection:


  • Personal Letters
  • Invitations to Fundraising Events
  • Envelopes for Fundraising Event Invitations
  • Wedding Envelopes
  • Thank You Cards
  • Greeting Cards & Custom Stationery
  • Hand-calligraphed Business Cards
  • Event Calligraphy
  • Letter-Writing Classes
  • Pointed Pen Calligraphy Classes
  • Letters for Elders and Life-Care Patients
lindsey wayland hand-calligraphed business cards