I'm Lindsey Wayland, a poet and writer, a letter-writer, and a self-taught calligrapher.  I've been writing since age six.  I covet my daily writing practice and am deeply engaged in writing and editing poetry.  I am one of the founding workshop facilitators of the Confluence Women Poets in Washington where I live with my husband and children in a quaint farmhouse by the river.  

I believe in simple, poetic living.  I believe in home-making.  I believe in nature as a guide.  I believe in love.  I believe in seeking the beauty of the world.  I believe in goodness.

I've lived simply most of my adult life and recently have stepped deeply into the role of applying simple and poetic living for my entire family.  We enjoy spending time together more than we enjoy anything else.  I stand by fewer, better things.  We lived in a 235 square-foot housebus for years before we moved into the farmhouse.  

I write poetry and love letters and calligraphic envelopes in the escaped hours of dawn before my children rise to greet the day.  My poetry has appeared in Red River ReviewPorter Gulch Literary Review, and Cordella Magazine.