Lindsey Wayland is a poet, a letter-writer, and a self-taught calligrapher. She wrote her first poem at age six. Lindsey co-founded the Confluence Women Poets and facilitates writing workshops for youth. She has worked with youth in both poetic classroom and wilderness settings, primarily at-risk and inner city youth.

Lindsey grew up in rural Texas.  It was on the rattlesnake path where she learned to walk barefoot in the dry-bed creek.  It was at the dining room table in the house her father built where she wrote her first poem.  It was on The Drag at the University of Texas in Austin where she learned the beat of poetry from her own lips.  It was at Bouldin Creek where she learned how revered her honesty was.  It was in the lush piney woods of east Texas where she learned to align her compass to true north.  It was in Texas where she learned to speak her truth.  Her truth came out in poems every single time.  Her poetry has appeared in Red River ReviewPorter Gulch Literary Review, and Cordella Magazine.

 Lindsey lives by the Salish Sea in a cedar-shake cabin in Port Townsend, Washington with her husband and their three young children.