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How to Write a Beautiful Letter Workshop

With today’s technological buzz the most important tool we have to connect is at the end of our arm. To hand-write a letter acknowledges connection in a refreshing, ancient manner. There may be no better gift to give or receive, and by writing letters you will surprise the people who receive them. Letters are true connections, and true connections are vital to our livelihood. It is time to reach past merely surviving, and live a connected life by writing a beautiful letter together.

In a world where most of us are plugged into the digital world for most communications and we even pay our bills online, the lost art of handwritten letters is a tragedy worthy of revolt. It is time to write a beautiful letter.

The mission of this workshop is to connect people through written word via the tactile experience of letter writing by teaching the basic letter-writing elements, ancient practices to enhance the meaningful moment for the recipient, and include artistic expression as an avenue to slow down and deeply connect.

17 November 2017, 6 pm to 8 pm 


Hosted by Thuja, 911 Water Street Port Townsend, Washington 98368

There will be a local cheeseboard, and everyone will leave the workshop with one completed letter ready for the outgoing mail box. In addition to the beautiful letter, each letter-writer will leave with their own letter writing packet and supplies. I will also bring my personal vintage stamp collection and both my cursive and classic typewriters. Join us for letter writing! 

write a family manifesto workshop

Write a Family Manifesto Workshop

Each family is unique, with its own culture of pastimes, dreams, quirks, joys, and challenges.  As family culture evolves with the ever-changing members of a family, wrapping ourselves in the fabric of our authentic goals will warm our hearts on even the coldest of nights.  Whether our family is made of toddlers, young children, or adolescents (or all three!), writing a Family Manifesto right now will create a foundation of what the goals are, what drives us together, and what keeps us together.  This manifesto will guide our family through the challenges and use our goals and joys and quirks as stepping stones through our shared life.  If each family in our community had a clear vision of their purpose together, the collective cohesion would generate a radiant warmth.

Port Townsend, Washington 

$60 per person or $100 for couple
Optional add-ons include: framed, hand-calligraphed family manifesto. 

6 January 2018 10 am to 3 pm, drinks and snacks provided

lindsey wayland private workshop

Private Workshops

Arrange a truly memorable event for your group of friends or organization 

Minimum of 8 participants.

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Private Calligraphy or Handwriting Tutoring and Consultation

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