Kind Words


Class and Workshop Reviews

It has been absolute pleasure to be a part of three classes with Lindsey Wayland.

When I stepped into the Beginner's Calligraphy class my fear immediately faded. It had been many years since I had placed myself in a creative, artistic class, much less, a handwriting class!!  Each class member was greeted by a smiling young woman with the warmest of greetings and we were told to look for our name at the tables.  There was my name in the most beautiful calligraphy form I had ever dreamt of.

With the tools and clipboard full of practice sheets we learned the basics of calligraphy including how to stop and care for ourselves by massaging our hands.  At the end of the day I had already decided to go on to the Intermediate class.

Practice, practice and more practice and with each class our tools increased and learning the nuances of different scripts. Exemplars, What??

Calligraphy is an amazing art and it is obvious that it requires dedication, focus and desire. Lindsey made our classes interesting, informative and with encouragement our writing improved. We laughed, listened and learned all that can be done with calligraphy.

So today I took my third class with Lindsey and we were able to use our calligraphy, creativity and a lot of paints, brushes and cool old typewriters to construct our own Holiday cards. Each class has been better than the last and it leaves you wanting more. Lindsey has a way of creating an atmosphere that brings talent, encouragement and art to each class.  I am forever grateful to Lindsey for inspiring us to keep coming back.

Thank you Lindsey Wayland!!!

—Sharon Wenzler
Ink Meditations for the Curious Beginner,
Ink Meditations: Pointed Pen Calligraphy for Intermediates
and Slow Stationery, Beautiful Holiday Letters


“I want to thank Lindsey again for the wonderful impact she has had on me.  Since I met Lindsey, I knew I wanted to work with her.  If there is one word to describe Lindsey, it is grace. 

I immensely enjoyed taking a class with Lindsey at the Port Townsend School of the Arts in June 2018.  It was the highlight of my summer and time actually spent since I've moved to Port Townsend.  I love to learn.  I love to nourish my love of letter writing.  I cannot tell you how much I looked forward each week to Lindsey’s unique classes.  Each of the weeks I experienced new techniques and opportunities in writing.  I loved the practice of calligraphy, the carefully chosen papers and the culmination in making envelopes from templates provided was a highlight. I reproduced each and every one.  

I love Lindsey’s style of teaching, her soft and caring demeanor, her way of encouraging and empowering and the effort she puts forth in making each class unique and special. She even made it seem like a warm social event. Her paper treasures are outstanding; I speak that as a paper collector of items from all over the world.  Since Lindsey’s class, I have found myself searching for more nibs, pulling out my own papers, desiring constantly to practice, and turning anything paper into an envelope!

I most greatly look forward to joining the next class Lindsey teaches.  Whoever takes Lindsey’s unique classes, surely will be able to better embrace letter writing, both in content and style.

The class is a priceless gem. Thank you so very much. Soli dei gloria.”

—Dr. Dolores Jacoby
Write a Beautiful Letter Class


“Class was so fun! I really had to dial down my excitement otherwise I would have been bouncing off the walls and overwhelming everyone. Letters, writing and lovely curlicues--what's not to love. I also appreciate the light and energy Lindsey brings with her.”

—Shelly Shinjo
Write a Beautiful Letter Class


"Oh, the art of calligraphy is like painting a beautiful sunset in words. Lindsey brings out the beauty in this ancient art form with passion, grace and skill. In times of constant rushing and digital typing, her class is an oasis of mindfulness and practice. I enjoyed every minute of her company and her teachings." 

—Thais Oliveira
Write a Beautiful Letter Class

"As a poet, I have always loved beautiful writing. Not just and sound and meaning of words, but also how they appear on a page. I write my poems in long hand first before I type them into technology. I had dabbled in calligraphy over the years using books from the library and pens I purchased in art supply stores. I had been taught penmanship, the Palmer cursive method, as a fifth grader, a class I enjoyed.

I met Lindsey at the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market when we moved here this past spring. I was immediately drawn to her art and words by her vibrant presence. Right way I sensed she could teach me to make my writing beautiful on the page, and that her style of calligraphy was the artistic and spiritual practice I had been searching for.

My private lessons are everything I imagined them to be and much more. Lindsey provided the tools and the patterns, a specific style of calligraphy that I was drawn to and felt I could master. There was no pressure or sense of ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ Lindsey encourages creativity. All her suggestions are positive and aimed at making the student feel confident and proud of whatever they accomplish. I felt a measure of success almost immediately and sensed how much more calligraphy could enrich my life. I chose private lessons because I wanted to make progress more quickly and was grateful for the peaceful time spent with a dedicated mentor.

Practicing my calligraphy has created the most calming, meditative moments I have experienced in years. I am so thankful for Lindsey’s careful, educated guidance. Calligraphy is now something I look forward to and have incorporated into my daily life."

—Joanne Clarkson
Poet and retired Registered Nurse,
Private Pointed Pen Calligraphy Lessons


“ What a Great Delight to have Lindsey here and for me (and all) able to experience her and her vast trove of talent, with which she is so generous!  What Luck!!!”

— Rachel Gaspers
Write a Beautiful Letter Class

Lindsey’s classes are a must for every one wanting to take a deep breath, be intentional about beauty and creativity in their lives. Fun, inspirational, and really a gift to yourself!! Lindsey is a gentle, generous, and a real gem!!! This is art that you can incorporate into your every day life and have beautiful words that inspire letters of love, appreciation and friendship, making your life and your relationships to much deeper and intentional- its a great class!!! 

—Katherine Baril
Write a Beautiful Letter Class
Ink Meditations: Pointed Pen Calligraphy for Intermediates
and Write a Beautiful Holiday Letter


Kind Words about Ink Meditations Newsletter


“Earlier this week I received my first “Ink Meditations” from Lindsey.  What an absolute delight!  How refreshing to receive something so beautiful in the mail … which is normally full of bills, junk mail & items that waste time … creating more for my recycling bin.  Yet Lindsey’s provided an excellent & much appreciated … reason to pause.  To think.  Catch one’s breath & remember … what really “is” important in this moment … this day …

I am thankful for the beauty of Lindsey’s calligraphy.  Visual beauty with a pen.  Lindsey’s words, food for the soul.  I am thankful she is providing such a beautiful gift to so many!  Reminding us to slow down, re-focus … & maybe, just maybe … return to the old fashioned good things we used to do … such as “thank you’s” … penning a letter … & letting someone know, they are important … their existence matters.

My compliments.  My gratitude for the kindness Lindsey is providing in this world.  If everyone practiced only a little bit of kindness … be it thru a gesture, word, written or spoken … goodness! … the positive energy we’d produce! 

Her calligraphy is beautiful!  It is on my “wish list” of things I’d like to “try” & learn!  I saw Lindsey doing calligraphy at an event earlier this year … quietly sitting at her table, as if in meditation with a beautiful art.  I am thankful she was there, so that I might witness.  And perhaps, one day, I may be lucky enough to take one of her classes … & learn to perhaps “try” my hand at calligraphy … to write words so beautifully … oh what a gift that would be!” 

—Janis Dolacky Jacobs
Ink Meditations Newsletter


“Thank you so much for this lovely newsletter and the letter I received in the mail during a very difficult time. I felt so blessed that the universe arranged to send me such a beautiful love letter when I needed reassurance that this too shall pass. I just wanted to let you know what you’re doing is making a difference in the world. I went to a gathering of lady friends last night and was telling them about it, and they all would like to be added to your mailing list.

Thanks again for the blessing of your written words.”

—Diane DiPrete
Ink Meditations Newsletter


Praise for Community Supported Letters

“Signing up for the Community Supported Letters is one of the best things anyone can do this year.  To open the box each quarterly box is to embrace the encapsulation of the new season.  Each card or piece of stationary has been gracefully and beautifully written or decorated by the very talented Lindsey Wayland.  It is a gift to oneself, to sit down, pause, reflect, and slow down.  And truly it is a gift to those who receive such a beautiful card!  

The magic of the letters is in the envelopes, the one of a kind cards or stationary, the vintage or new stamps, and the knowledge of the recipient that someone has taken the time to hand write a letter to them. 

From the beginning letter-writer to the avid letter-writer, this box is perfect.  It will provide inspiration to take the time to write to a loved one, friend, family, or client.  To pause and reflect.  It is truly the perfect gift for oneself or for a friend. 

Thank you Lindsey Wayland for creating such wonderful work and for inspiring people everywhere write gorgeous letters near and far.”

—Melissa Smithers
Community Supported Letter Member 2018-2019

“What a joy it has been to be a member of Lindsey’s Community Supported Letters (a gift I gave myself). It feels as if though each box was curated just for me, vintage stamps included. 

A letter from Lindsey with talks of poetry and the coming season is always of interest with fun tidbits of information.  I love this young woman of wisdom and mindful information of poetry and sharing.   

Many of my pieces are framed and hanging—original artwork, and some have gone to my dearest of friends. I look forward to watching the growth and love of the upcoming seasons. Of course I got another year, (a gift to myself) of Lindsey’s CSL boxes.”

—Sandra Anderson
Community Supported Letter Member 2018-2019