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Sincerely Yours is a monthly electronic letter, written by me, and includes letter-writing prompts, gentle encouragement, poetic musings, and inspirations for slow, connected living, it is also a great way to stay connected to my classes, workshops, and fine art launches/shows. (Of course I would never give your information to anyone, ever.) Thank you for being a part of the Sincerely Yours Community!

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Love for Sincerely Yours


“Thank you so much for this lovely newsletter and the letter I received in the mail during a very difficult time. I felt so blessed that the universe arranged to send me such a beautiful love letter when I needed reassurance that this too shall pass. I just wanted to let you know what you’re doing is making a difference in the world. I went to a gathering of lady friends last night and was telling them about it, and they all would like to be added to your mailing list.

Thanks again for the blessing of your written words.”

—Diane DiPrete, of Sincerely Yours Newsletter

“Earlier this week I received my first “Sincerely Yours” from Lindsey.  What an absolute delight!  How refreshing to receive something so beautiful in the mail … which is normally full of bills, junk mail & items that waste time … creating more for my recycling bin.  Yet Lindsey’s provided an excellent & much appreciated … reason to pause.  To think.  Catch one’s breath & remember … what really “is” important in this moment … this day …

I am thankful for the beauty of Lindsey’s calligraphy.  Visual beauty with a pen.  Lindsey’s words, food for the soul.  I am thankful she is providing such a beautiful gift to so many!  Reminding us to slow down, re-focus … & maybe, just maybe … return to the old fashioned good things we used to do … such as “thank you’s” … penning a letter … & letting someone know, they are important … their existence matters.

My compliments.  My gratitude for the kindness Lindsey is providing in this world.  If everyone practiced only a little bit of kindness … be it thru a gesture, word, written or spoken … goodness! … the positive energy we’d produce! 

Her calligraphy is beautiful!  It is on my “wish list” of things I’d like to “try” & learn!  I saw Lindsey doing calligraphy at an event earlier this year … quietly sitting at her table, as if in meditation with a beautiful art.  I am thankful she was there, so that I might witness.  And perhaps, one day, I may be lucky enough to take one of her classes … & learn to perhaps “try” my hand at calligraphy … to write words so beautifully … oh what a gift that would be!”  —Janis Dolacky Jacobs, of Sincerely Yours Newsletter