Mindful Gratitude Stationery

Mindful Gratitude Stationery


Slow Stationery is original art cards. These are not prints. Each card is hand-calligraphed, hand-typed on one of my two coveted typewriters, hand-painted, hand-made by me.

Slow Stationery is kin to Slow Food and Slow Fashion. There is a pull back to all things connected and slow. My mission as an artist is to connect you to your community via the written word. I do this by creating beautiful letters and calligraphy that inspires pause and a purposeful pace in a digital world.

Slow Stationery is for you if:

// you deeply appreciate art 
// you love beautiful, useful things
// you love minimal, exquisite materials
// you value connecting with the people you love 
// long to be more present with those you love 
// or just want to tell someone far away that you miss them

One original art card dedicated to practicing gratitude. Includes one luxe envelope and one original art card.

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