Hand-written letters are changing the world. May we send them with love and may each person who touches the raised ink and vintage stamps feel the sentiments we put into each letter. May these letters remind us how to slow down, love more, love deeper, and exist for a moment in the space between ourselves and another person. 

Custom Love Letter

Custom Love Letter

Love believes in letters. Love is poetic. Even yours. Especially yours. Send a beautiful, most generous gift to the person you love with a hand-calligraphed love letter. This Custom Love Letter is an order for a beautiful letter hand-calligraphed with your sentiments featuring an abstract art by Lindsey Wayland. You choose either "love" written in beautiful black sumi ink over and over and over and over again until it blends into the matter and particulates of love; or "love" written in white ink on white paper, a subtle, quiet, deep expression of love of a different blend. You may choose your own word for either custom abstract art card. Inside the card will feature your sentiments (up to 30 words, please) calligraphed by Lindsey Wayland. 


Commission Any Letter

lindsey wayland letter commission

Perhaps you have some reason your hand is not able to write letters. Or you would like to give your recipient a gift of the raised ink and the vintage stamps and you want me to calligraph a letter in a beautiful script for you. I would love to write the letter for you. I can design and write a lovely card and calligraph the envelope, I can write a lengthy letter, or all of your thank you cards from your recent party. To discuss these details and more, get in touch and I will respond with pricing and ideas!

Or, if you're ready to move forward with a letter commission, fill out the form below and I can respond very quickly with the details so we can get your letter in the hands of the recipient.

Self-Care Love Letter

lindseywayland calligraphy

Every time you love yourself the world becomes more peaceful, more loving. Love starts at home, in our bodies, in ourselves. I've written hundreds of anonymous love letters and I'm bringing this to you, in a place where you can ask for that Love. I will reflect your beauty, honor and see you.

 I will write a love letter to you.

You name your price. (I charge $30 for a custom love letter or a commissioned letter. This includes postage, a hand-calligraphed letter, envelope address, and return address.) 

Letter Commission Form

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