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Perhaps your grandmother's last words were spoken to the hospice nurse. Perhaps your father passed before your family could arrive.

I want to bring the words of elders to their family in the years, months, days, hours before they pass away. Their legacy matters.

I am writing their last words to you. I am writing the stories of elders and sending them with love. 

Legacy Letters aims to listen to this forgotten generation. The outreach itself is graceful—a hand-calligraphed envelope home to the written sentiments of a beloved elder. I write elders’ letters, their legacy, their stories, their memories. I write letters that their hands can no longer write. Or sit with them and offer the supplies, tools, and encouragement for their hand to shiver the page. 

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The impact is incredible and spirals out to connect today’s youth to their elders.

One in five children today have ever received a letter. What if the first letter they receive is from their great-grandmother who lives in a nursing home? What if the letter is beautiful but they cannot read the words because no one taught them cursive? What if the child’s mother reads the letter aloud? What if the mother retrieves letter-writing supplies for her child to write back? What if it elicits a plunge into history? What if it inspires a correspondence that bridges the gap in geography and generation? What does the forgotten elder feel when she receives a letter in the mail?

All of my work is done by hand, I do not use a printer for my stationery, thus each piece is an original art card on 100% recycled paper. I uphold my values in all processes of creating my art. I make slow stationery, one at a time, which results in a rich connection between artist, letter-writer, and recipient.

My art gives a voice to the voiceless. At its core, this project is about connecting communities via the written word.