Gratitude Consultation

Gratitude Presentation for Businesses and Organizations

Lindsey Wayland Gratitude Consultation, Slow Stationery
Lindsey Wayland Gratitude Presentation, Slow Stationery

Calligraphy in a business aesthetic is warm and generous. A hand-calligraphed thank you card to brings with it a strong undercurrent of gratitude. I believe a letter is the most generous gift we can give. It gives the recipient a moment to pause and reflect on their relationship with the sender. This pause and reflection helps donors connect more deeply with the organization they support. My work for your business will help establish WHY you do what you do. Because the why of your business or organization is the essence of your work and how you connect with your clients, customers, and donors.

I do everything by hand in my business so each card is an original piece of art. Each card includes stamp curation aligned with your mission, a hand-calligraphed address and return address (unless you have a return address/logo stamp, which I am happy to use), a custom phrase on the front of the card and up to 30 words on the inside of the card. (Gratitude card phrases can be seen in the photographs here, as well as styles: abstract calligraphy, traditional script, typewriter, etc. The wording on the inside of the card can be entirely written by you or outlined by you and detailed by me. (As a poet, I am happy to consult with you about your wording and turns of phrase that are unique to your business or organization.)

I spend quality time with the materials and I source materials from American paper mills of the finest quality and sustainable missions, attempting to buy locally where and when I can. I write letters for businesses and organizations in a wide variety of frequencies; I have clients who need letters written monthly, or quarterly, or yearly, and some clients need a small batch only once, and each business is unique; let’s discuss what you need to connect more with your clients, customers, donors, or employees.

Each Gratitude Consultation comes with a phone conversation or in person meeting, this includes an interview for me to better understand your mission and voice and helps me get to the heart of things. We can schedule a meeting or move forward via email if you would like. 

Please get in touch via the form below to begin your Gratitude Consultation today. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Yours sincerely,

lindsey wayland calligraphy
lindsey wayland gratitude consultation, slow stationery
lindsey wayland gratitude consultation, slow stationery


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lindsey wayland calligraphy gratitude consulatation, slow stationery
lindsey wayland gratitude consultation, slow stationery
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