Make a Difference

Perhaps your grandmother's last words were spoken to the hospice nurse. Perhaps your grandfather passed before your family could arrive.

I want to help bring the words of elders to life in the years, months, days, hours before their passing.

I am writing their last words to you. I am writing the stories of elders and sending them with love. 

There are plenty of beautiful stories waiting to be told, letters ready to be sent. It brings me great joy to calligraph letters for elders in our senior living facilities, hospice patients, end-of-life seniors. Will you send one letter for one elder? Will you donate for the postage of one letter? Will you send ten letters for ten elders to tell their stories? I look forward to giving your gift to the ones who taught us to write or fish or cook or read poetry so long ago. We need their stories as much as they need to share them. I am writing their stories. 

lindsey wayland envelopes