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This space is an artful, thoughtful, imaginative, compassionate space.

This space honors the process. The creative touch, the human touch.

This space cultivates connection more than anything.

lindsey wayland poet calligrapher

Community Supported Letter boxes are letter-writing kits of slow stationery inspired by the seasons for those who value Connection.

The mission of CSL is to connect you to your community via the written word.
To create beautiful stationery to inspire pause and a purposeful pace in a digital world.

The supplies are simple, beautiful, and are works of art on their own. This is a way to implement systems into your life so you are ready to write letters. 

This is not a box of curated or printed cards. This is Slow Stationery, these are all originals. A box of original art cards with stamps!

This box is for you if you deeply appreciate art, love minimal, inspiring materials (often the handmade cotton paper is a piece of artwork in and of itself!), connecting to the people you love, wish you could send more letters, write more, be more present with those you love, or just want to tell someone far away that you miss them.

community supported letters box of slow stationery original art cards by lindsey wayland

It’s time to slow down, it’s time to connect.


“Signing up for the Community Supported Letters is one of the best things anyone can do this year. To open the box each quarterly box is to embrace the encapsulation of the new season. Each card or piece of stationary has been gracefully and beautifully written or decorated by the very talented Lindsey Wayland. It is a gift to oneself, to sit down, pause, reflect, and slow down. And truly it is a gift to those who receive such a beautiful card!”

—Melissa Smithers
CSL Member 2018-2019

“Receiving Lindsey’s Community Supported Letter box each season is such a delight. I love writing actual ‘snail mail’ letters to people and enjoy using lovely stationary. Lindsey’s artistry in the creation of the CSL box inspires me to write more!

My family was around as I opened the winter box recently. We all let out an audible sound of delight as we looked through each piece and admired her creativity. My daughter-in-law writes a beautiful letter and I gave her a CSL subscription for the second year in a row. She loves it as much as I do!”

—Becky Nienow
CSL Member 2018-2019

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