I believe in letters, and an artfully addressed envelope is a joy and a gift to receive. Each address is lovingly calligraphed by hand, this evokes the emotions of your intention into your envelopes. Hand-calligraphed envelopes set the tone of your event.

Please get in touch to confirm availability/style/get a quote. Contact me to inquire about return address services.

Birthday parties, corporate events, fundraising events, weddings, birth announcements are all special moments to celebrate with a pause. Calligraphed envelopes give this gift of pause to your recipient, I look forward to facilitating that connection between you and your loved ones.


I am happy to discuss your project design and help with styling ideas. As an intuitive calligrapher poet I find myself easily engaging with the essence of my clients' projects and have been known to gracefully find my way to the heart of the matter by evoking the emotions behind the idea and reflect your heart-song via my quill. What do you have in mind? 

Lindsey Wayland, "On the Third Day"

For all calligraphy inquires, email lindseywayland (at) gmail (dot) com