A New Do

typewriterimageOh, the ever-evolving journal.  At age six I began a journey that would later prove to enrich my existence on the planet: I wrote my first diary entry.  My days have since harbored a consistent flow of words and ideas kept in this journal or that.  Pink and purple with a cartoon dog holding a pen, held closed by a very teeny lock opened only by those with the very teeny key; I went through a stage where I only wrote in three-subject college-ruled notebooks; I have dozens of poetry notebooks from sixth grade alone typed carefully and hole punched to fit into three-ring binders; ornate leather-bound and hand sewn journals which hold the key to my deepest desires; a slightly goofy spiral-bound notebook from a Japanese store in San Francisco on Judah Street next to my old grocer Sam, the pages are robin's egg blue with a border and a girl eating a cupcake in the top outer corner of each page; and lately I use a simple extra-large plain black, ruled moleskin journal, it feels classic and natural.  I have evolved into a more simple space. I found the blog's evolution necessary, too, as everything.  Naturally, I'm still working on my "brand" whatever that means.  But it feels a little more open for us to just have a conversation about what it means to cultivate wellness and balance on the spectrum where we meet (what Glitter & Grit was all about, anyway).  I feel less tied to any particular subject, and more true to what my rhythm with life (and thus writing) actually is.

I muse about the image which brands this space, still.  Michael, my beloved dear old friend who designed the beautiful typewriter image, and all the other images that once guided to each different category I've covered, and I feel connection to his work and love his dedication to me and my family as we evolve.  I can imagine a moon, the moon phases, or something of the like, as the moon guides me so wholly.  And I am still always in love with the typewriter.  A reader for whom I babysat as an adolescent mentioned the words "the poet and the pioneer" in a comment last month, which are two hats I deliberately don.  Those words are also guiding a new image for me.  Even, a mission statement!  (Thank you!)

Oh, yeah, and I cut my bangs a lot shorter, too.

In what ways are you evolving as we approach the longest lightest day of the year?