A Fresh Start

Hi you.  It has been a long time.  I made Glitter & Grit private so I could take that time in solitude (there wasn't a fancy password given to anyone in particular); and I'm back for a fresh start. IMG_4676 IMG_4794 IMG_4416

Yesterday we received a copy of Tiny Homes on the Move by Lloyd Kahn.  It was so fitting, as next week marks three years since our bus purchase, and we are contributors to this project.  (I think this makes me published!)  Look out for a giveaway coming soon!

We have a new puppy named Maeve.  My children are robust.  My life is rich.  My husband has some very wonderful things in the works.  And I'm back for a fresh start.  I'll be using this blog in a much different way.  I won't be scouring the internet for any links for you, so the Today is for Lovers column is shifting big time; I won't be posting stories and pictures that are of/about my children--the reason I took the site/time off in the first place was because I felt I was betraying my family by being so intimate with their stories, their details here in this public arena--I'm going to share my own stories with you; I won't be posting nearly as much as I once did, but the content will be rich and quality.  I'm grounding into the reasons I began this platform. I want to share what my experience looks like in cultivating wellness based on the sweet and salty yin and yang of life; I want to inspire you, learn from you, teach you, experiment, and write.  And so, let's have a fresh start, yes?