Water in the Bus!

Water is now flowing in the bus, y'all!  We installed this water pitcher pump (from way back when you had to use well water and this was the device used to pull the water from the well!).  We installed a 55 gallon stainless steel water tank under the bus, handmade for us by Geo H. Wilson, a company we have valued greatly during this process.  And now, water flows from the tank to the sink!  Who ever would have thought?  It's absolutely amazing what you can take for granted (running water over your sink); and when it's gone, how much you can miss it; and how adaptable we can be; and then when it returns (howbeit simplified) how dang grateful we can be!

I love the bright red!

Sweet sweet water, oh agua dulce!, feels so good.  Next up?  The hot water faucet (it will be a very small little faucet residing just next to the big beautiful fire-engine-red water pitcher pump).