Sunday Musings of Mission & Purpose

Glitter & Grit aligns with several wonderful programs, websites, organizations, blogs, and women in the world.  I would like to bring a feature where I can bring you new girls who are amazing, doing cool things, starting great businesses, figuring it out, being inspired and inspirational, and lots of the like. To kick it off, Annelise (you haven't forgotten her awesome interview, I know, she's so cool) just sent me a message on Facebook with this girl speaking in this video about trying to figure it out.  Tavi talks about her online publication Rookie, which I love (love love love).  I wish this existed when I was in high school, but I guess we had Live Journal, and "I turned out alright."  I love Rookie, and I believe Tavi is setting an example and offering a place of refuge and rejoice for females everywhere in a world where being a girl is as hard as it ever was.

Last night I was thinking a lot about Glitter & Grit, and the direction I'm going and what I want from this blog and how I can truly seek that alignment.  A part of me thought for certain I'm not sure if I'm truly articulating the message or reaching the audience in perfect alignment with Glitter & Grit, and then I wondered what and who that even is.  I looked through my Glitter & Grit journal and felt excited about how far I've even come since the idea popped into my head many years ago and even since the blog site came to fruition just this January.

Somehow it has become more about my life (how could it not?) than I originally thought.  I wondered last night if that's okay.  I think in building my home simultaneous to writing for G & G, that also became a huge part of this blog.  I think my life inspired Glitter & Grit in the first place, so naturally I'm going to include bits and bobs of what's going on.

I am so inspired by Rookie.  I know in my original thoughts, a similar aspect to Rookie would take place with Glitter & Grit, I think I'd really like to incorporate more feminist articles from Guest Writers/Photographers/Thinkers/Musicians/Fashionistas/etc.  What do you think?  Do you have something to say?  Will you write it for Glitter & Grit?  Email or letters: correspond.  Ask your daughters.  That's where this whole idea came from, working with at risk (who aren't really at risk, they are just the creative ones, thinking outside the institution and no one knows what to do with them) youth.  I want your daughters/nieces/students to write in.  But my favorite part about Glitter & Grit is that it encompasses women of all cycles, every age.  I believe that while teenagers need to hear less about what they should be, and more about how cool they already are, also women need to have a place of comfort and a place to come to help guide them to cultivate wellness with this sacred balance of both glitter and grit in their lives.  Let's keep it informal to begin.

I will keep it up with my mission and writing to you about my life, making it from scratch, listening to the truth of nature, staying in tune with my mind and manners, following my intuition, making lists for you to read, honoring the sacred balance of Glitter and Grit.  That's what this is all about, really.  I just wanted to get really clear about the direction we are moving.  It's forward, y'all, and backwards, and sideways, and the other sideways, and up, and down, and especially zig zagging in quick and slow motions.  That's right, just as Tavi said, it's complicated.  And I like that.  Do you have any feedback?