Lists and Bags & Bags and Lists

These are just a few bags I love right now (click on each photo to be directed to the credit/retailer). (I'm learning how to make those fancy posts where you crop the photo to just include the item, then have it floating next to a number, and below the floating images you list their sources.)  I love bags.  I have even been known to put small bags inside of bigger bags.  This system helps to keep my baskets and bags very well-organized.

When you have a toddler, you must have bags.  I have a new bag idea right now (and Stripe sells bag number one, that's the perfect bag for this venture): an out-and-about-supplies bag.  We don't have a lot of toys for Willa because I believe that the world provides toys in natural form--rocks, sticks, and all of the like, which ultimately harness my daughter's imagination--and in my effort to recreate toys I end up setting my child back.  But recently I bought a garden spade and a rake (the real deal, no-nonsense, Willa needs industrial tools at the park and beach!) and right now they lay about in our daily basket, wondering if they will ever have a home.  I am going to give them a home today.

I've told you before that I'm a list person, I make lists for everything, really, you should see my home, and you don't want to see my mind, it's a library of stacks (you know, shelves in the library) of books, many of which contain lists.  I have lists on the inside of cabinet doors (my calendar, does that count as a list? it's on the inside of my bathroom cabinet); I have a "keep eyes peeled for..." list on the cork board on the freezer; I have lists in my Glitter & Grit journal, published or soon to be, like this one; I have a 2012 bubble vision board list on my desk wall, I have a "To Do Today" list, for every day; a grocery list/menu in my food journal; a list of mothers I love by my letter supplies (the day to appreciate your mother is just around the corner, but don't get me started on appreciation and holidays.  I told you a little about it in this post some time ago); and a wedding planning list inside the wedding binder.  When I write this, it sounds like I'm über organized, I'm not.  But without lists and bags (for systems), I'd be a basket case without the basket.  Really.

So, it's Saturday, and I just wanted to tell you that I love bags and I love lists and they keep me very grounded.  What keeps you grounded? 

Happy weekend!