Big Tiny Homes Book Winner!

Yesterday, dear reader, I drew a name out of a hat.  I compiled all the lovely readers who entered the contest to with the Tiny Homes book by commenting on any weekend post this past weekend (here, here, or here), I wrote them down on uniform scraps of soon-to-be-folded paper and I drew one out of a hat.

The winner of the Tiny Homes Book Giveaway, I'm excited to tell you, is Brenda Hughes!  Brenda, please email Glitter & Grit : glitterandgrit (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll work out logistics to get your new book out to ya!

Brenda is my sixth grade English teacher, the mother of a long-lost friend of mine, and a wildly inspiring woman (she bakes cookies for strippers and wears torn pants to church and dances with reckless abandon and she loves her family, God, and her friends with such honest volition; I love this woman!).  She told G & G about her father's extremely tiny home in Maine and her intentions of building a tiny home and I just know that this book will help her in that process.

To all of you who ran out to buy the book because you just couldn't wait for the giveaway, or those of you who already own the book and acted diplomatic as to give others a chance to win (thank you), go ahead and peruse the weekend posts and feel free to speak your bit!  Good day!