Tiny Homes Book Giveaway


A while back my friend Travis asked me if I knew of Lloyd Kahn and his book Tiny Homes, he told me our house bus seemed right up his alley and he heard Lloyd was getting into another book about tiny homes on wheels. Immediately inspired I headed to Lloyd's blog. This man is dedicated to tiny homes and efficient use of space. His books illustrate a culture thinking outside the mortgage. I told Lloyd what Cody and I have been upto this year, invited him over to my blog, and thanked him for his work; it is people like Lloyd who illuminate this simple lifestyle both realistically and romantically.

Well early last week Lloyd contacted Glitter & Grit. (Who me? Little ole me?) He shared his blog post with us, asking if we may be interested in featuring our house bus in his upcoming book: Wheels & Water: Tiny Homes on the Move! Oh my dang is right, y'all! Oh my diggity dang disco dancers!

Have you read his book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter (scaling back in the 21st century)? You must, it is full of inspiration for any style building. There are hidden driftwood beach shacks, enchanted tree-houses, wide open yurts, straw bale insulated (more or less complete with instructions), saunas (you know I want that!), info on prefabs and kits, and is wealthy with great photos!


He sent a copy to Glitter & Grit. Yes, you have a chance to win a copy! This weekend, I'll give you all the details you need. Stay tuned. If you think it's easier to have my posts dropped into your electronic mail box, click "keep getting the grit" on the right hand side of the website and I'll send you an email when I post. If not, do check back in--this book is a real gem!