Mah Session with tha Senator, Y'all: Bone Broth

“Good broth will resurrect the dead,” says a South American proverb.

Every kitchen should have a stock pot.


There are a zillion things to do with and in them! I love mine ($3 at the Santa Cruz flea market). You can make big pots of tea, infusion, soup, get your whites whiter (with lemons and just-boiled water), and on and on and on again.

About a year ago I was turned onto a nourishing traditional diet (it is no wonder I love meat and butter and ferments and soup when I learned why our bodies function so well on this diet!) I'll spare you the details of my instant obsession with raw milk; suffice it to say I went from no milk in a decade (a young girl who would put water in my skim milk in my cereal...gross) to a quart of raw whole milk a day! And while I do believe that sometimes too much information can be a disservice, I know that my body loves eating real, homemade, nutrient-dense bone broth!

We were really into soup this winter. We are still into soup this spring. Soup tastes good, it's warming, and very, very versatile! Our favorite soup of late has been Pesto Soup.

To make chicken bone broth (you can make bone broth from several animals, so substitute beef bones, duck bones, fish bones and heads, too):

  • gather the bones from a whole organic chicken
  • pour cold water in a stock pot over the bones
  • chop a whole onion
  • chop carrots
  • chop celery
  • garlic
  • a half a cup of apple cider vinegar
  • and bring to a boil
  • turn down to a simmer for 8-24 (even 48 hours)
  • in the last 10 minutes add a bunch of parsley
  • strain the bones
  • salvage the chicken meat
  • pour into jars
  • freeze or refrigerate (if you refrigerate, plan soup for the week, it lasts about two weeks, but is best sooner rather than later) Frozen stock will last quite a while.
  • voilà! The most nourishing soup you ever tasted.