Wise Woman Words: Emily Dickinson

Forever is composed of nows.-Emily Dickinson

First, have you heard? It's Woman's History Month. I'd love to know your favorite piece of herstory. Tell me, tell me! Which woman inspires you the most?

Second, this Emily Dickinson quote really speaks to me. Just last night I was laying in bed and right before drifting into slumber land, it came very loud in the head of me that each moment is the only moment that exists. My use of the superlative often ignites excitement and wonder in those around me (i.e. "this is my favorite meal that I’ve ever had in my whole dang life"...every other night); and every time I use the term forever, I’m genuine and honest, because it is the best/worst moment of my whole life; it is the only moment.

On the other hand, sometimes I find that I get so caught up in the moment that I forget some of my very desired core values. Does this happen to you? For example, do you ever replay situations from the past, wishing you had done or said something differently, and as if you have a paintbrush, you touch up what happened, hoping that in the future you will remember the paintbrush? Before the live-in-the-moment-epiphany (and, yes, this is a constant epiphany I have), I found myself reliving conversations from our darling cobb-oven pizza dinner and wishing I had spent a little more time listening rather than excited about sharing my stories.

And right before I drifted away to dream, I realized that I have this beautiful ability to use my past in order to "create" a better version of myself. While it's impossible to go back, I can live in the moment and duly note the past scenarios of which I wished to beautify.


After all, as Emily gathers, forever is only a string of right here and right now, so the more I spend in this moment, the better my past will look and feel.

How do you best live in the moment? What are your techniques to touch up yourself, while maintaining your here and now?

(Read the whole poem here.)