Today is for Lovers

20120306-114812.jpg Things I love today:

That we are moved into the bus. You heard it, we spent last weekend moving in and now we are cooking, sleeping, laughing, playing, and loving living in the bus. Cody's "man cave" (aka his closet/the mudroom/the foyer) hooks, aren't they beautiful? He pruned apple trees and collected this sweet little closet forest! I love Nourishing Traditions and our weekly menu planning is going great, thank you! And oh my goodness, have you read the recipes in D.I.Y. Delicious? I'm in love with this book today, too. Do I love the weather in Santa Cruz every week? Yes. I. Do. All things Swedish (Urnatur, Pippi Longstocking, Saunas, etc.) I'm definitely a Swedish Miss at heart (and heritage)! I love Willa's smile

20120306-114434.jpg I love waking up to my whole family cuddled together And I love love love your support! Thank you my friends, my family, my readers, you're all sweet angel cake faces!

Tell me, what do you love today?