Saint Valentine's Day

A few weeks ago my darling cousin Sarah posted a link to a blog article on her facebook website.

"What do you give a man who doesn't have everything--but has given everything?"

Ann asks.  She must have a Renaissance man, too, I think.  And while I easily share the sentiment in this article, I never wonder with what to gift Cody.  My priorities nuzzle sweetly with the plenty of love letters to be written and special things to make.  I'm certain we will talk about these things in the future, so hold on to your horses.  Most importantly, I find myself encouraging and practicing letting love guide my every single day, rather than waiting for a holiday to gift with my love.  But, too, I am especially excited about holidays!  And I'll be the first lady to tell you how grateful I am to have a man who gives his unbridled, unabridged, unfaltering support, who gives everything to the ladies who surround his life.  I can relate to Ann that way, so what do you suggest giving a man who gives everything?

Saint Valentine's day skips around the bend and cupid flits about inside my heart this month.  I love Valentine's Day; a holiday dedicated to love?  Yes, please!  Thank you, and I love you!  My mother-in-love is a wonderful example of Valentine's Day love.  Last year she sent out about 30 Valentine mail tubes containing a ribbon banner (each, individually) hand stamped with "Love life, and life will love you back" each adorning a string of tiny pom pom balls, attached to a small dowel.  I love mine so much that I keep it with my Moonlodge altar box.  My mom hangs her over the mantle.  My sister keeps hers in the kitchen.  I just love that message.

As this Valentine's Day comes whirling around the path--two people that I know are even getting hitched on the weekends sandwiching the holiday--I encourage you to find love in the smaller places.  Focus more on what love you can give versus what gift you can give.  Allow your love to guide you through the celebration.  Certainly, if you have it, focus on the romantic love, too, but remember that love is love is love.  Let us celebrate our love by letting everyone you love know that you love them!  How about loving a girl across the world!  Have you ever written a love letter to your postal worker?  What is your most profound love story?  Most simple?  What do you love most about loving love?

Photo Credit: Lindsey Royal Anderson; a fingerling potato heart.  I love it!