Raise the Roof!

Quickly, the bus takes a new shape.  The first cut to raise the roof felt really intense.  We were really getting into this life: there was still time to turn back, but we were completely altering our potential home.

Living outside (all the time) felt really great. We breathed in the fresh air. Our cycles were one with the moon and the sun. We woke when the sun rose. We stayed awake by oil lamp light, illuminating our ideas of what this life would bring our way. We walked to the ocean (we have a secret beach, unbeknownst by many, except the neighbors). We began to really trust our instincts. We had mice. We threw away a few items of clothing of which the mice found appetizing for nesting. We got a kitten, named her Kimchi. She helped with the mice control.

Three guys, a torch, and a lot of hard work and the rib cage came together.  These are the walls for the loft upstairs and the structure for the roofing.

Living outside is also tough, though. Sometimes I just want a bath and an oven roasted chicken. But, we make it work. We push through the struggle, enjoying each other and our beautiful life.

The bus continues to grow and take a new shape. Cody regularly visits the dump to harvest new (old) wood for the project. Redwood!  It's amazing how many beautiful pieces of wood people dump into the landfill.

My pop went to the dump to pick up lumber, the man tending the yard was polite enough until someone else was coming in to dump (this is where they make their money, what my dad was doing was free at the time), at that point, the attendant got agitated with my dad and told him to "hurry up."  This really grated my dad's nerves because here he is doing the city a favor by reusing the lumber from the dump.  Isn't reuse a step before recycle, anyway?  But all in all, the dump has been super helpful in our endeavor to create our home with creatively piecing unwanted and free materials together.

We've had so much help from friends and family, it's enough to make gratitude our daily practice.  We are so grateful, so so so grateful.  The universe is kissing us sloppy and sweet on the forehead.

And we will use the inner membrane of metal for the upstairs exterior.  I love this project!