One Year Two Months

The baby business booms and looms over my head.  The newest and brightest toy now attaches to the handle of the overpriced plastic baby box carrier?  No, thank you.  Formula ads linger in every pediatrician office, leading me to believe that the formula companies are supplementing our doctors with monetary bait to recommend their fake food for our babies.  No, thank you.  I guess I'm not being coy; blatant and blunt in a time where subliminal messages are almost hypnosis, preying on the teetering self confidence of new mothers.  How dare you!  And better yet,  how dare we?  No plastic bottle can ever replace the magic milk that pours from my breasts made special for my baby, changing everyday in every way.  Let's stand proud of our old fashioned ways, not shutter behind sterile, phobic doors.

Willa's growth this week leaves me stunned.  She signs every few minutes "help" this or "more" that, "hurt" this, and "bird" and "cat" and  "dog" and "frog" and "music" and many others.  It's been amazing to watch my daughter learn to screw on a cap while her Grammie says that she's going to be an Engineer, or see her measure Gramps' feet with the measuring tape.  She's a real human playing with real human devices.  Who needs plastic toys?

A friend recently offered his discount at a wonderful store, in case we want to buy a baby carrier or new toys.  I politely declined, noting that we use the catch-all baby sling that I made by stitching two pieces of fabric together modeled after the moby wrap, and we have an old hand-me-down Ergo, which we LOVE.  Willa's toys include the spoon or the stick nearest us.  He seemed both taken aback and inspired.  I hope we are inspiring a new model of parenting.  It is nearly free and just as fun!

Photo credit: Lindsey Royal Anderson