girls, girls, girls

It doesn't take long to take a look at the wonderful women I'm surrounded by and realize that we're all in this together (guys included, too!)  And our support to one another proves invaluable time and time over.  I love the girls in my life.  Here are a few (really, a few)to note: My San Francisco friend Jesse just got together with some of her wonderful friends to create Betty Does, an online magazine "honoring the most artful women alive and kicking today."  Jesse brings creativity to an all new level with her fashion and wit.  She even lives on a houseboat!  Jesse is old school in the midst of plastic and convenience.

My second cousin once removed, Hannah Jane, has been advocating for women abused and used, women who do not have support from other strong women.  Hannah is a voice in the midst of silence.

My dear friend Nicole works with teens in the wilderness is helping the young women (and young men) of today by role modeling grit while maintaining her glitter.  Nicole taught me the foundation of my survival and wilderness knowledge, she is strength in the midst of fear.

My best friend Chrisanna is a glitterheart to the max, pumping her energetic body to the beat.  She teaches fitness to women (and some men, too!) and is the epitome of glitter, with a hardcore grit to back it up!  Chrisanna speaks a soul language of connection to her fellow human, she is positive in the midst of negative.

My sister Katie has recently began to shine brighter than she knew she could.  Kat decided to choose herself first and give her body and mind and heart the truth and nurturing it needs.  I admire this newly nurtured trait Katie possesses with confidence.  Katie is ebb and flow in the midst of stagnant water.

My moonlodge sister Astrid (who was almost my midwife, too) is a wonderful, wise woman who has traveled passionately learning about birth and delivering babies.  She has sacred ceremony and ritual each dark moon with our sisters of the red temple.  Astrid inspires me every time I think of her and her path.  I am so grateful to be friends with her.  Astrid is womanly wisdom in the midst of the moon's mysteries.

My Mimi invites happiness in for tea every single morning.  Once as a young girl, she told me that in the morning she makes faces in the mirror at herself to bring about laughter.  Mimi finds happiness in the small things, and in the midst of hatred, Mimi symbolizes love and happiness.

My friend Annie works at a low income elementary school teaching gardening and encourages children to get involved in growing what they eat and eating what they grow.  Her enthusiasm and direction astound even the most driven of folks.  Annie is a pillar of learning in the midst of closed minds.

Azam is a 72 year old fiery woman I met at the Vipassana center two years ago.  She has been practicing mediation and following the dhamma for years now and is a very old student.  Azam became reborn when she began sitting Vipassana courses.  She marks the truth in the midst of fallacy.

Just to name a few, because I know I could continue on and on and on.  How about this: I will interview women with Glitter and Grit and publish the interviews here for you to read.  If you know of a great woman who (or are one) is both Glitter and Grit, please email me at  I'd love to feature you and your friends!